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Patented Dry Fog Technology

PNW Mold Control holds the patent to a revolutionary Dry Fog technology that is unlike any other. Using this equipment and process we can fill the entire home or office with a non-toxic peracetic acid which will oxidize mold spores and bacteria on contact. Our patented micron particle is so small that it gets into every area of the home and continues to bounce around the room for several minutes before finally dissipating. The best part about developing such a particle is that it gets nothing in your home or office wet and is safe for all your electronics, plants, etc.

Dry Fog (our system)

The size of the droplet makes all the difference. The PNW Mold Control Dry Fog vapor boasts a droplet size of under 10 microns. This allows the fog particles to get to places no other fog process can and leaves no gaps in molecular coverage. It also means that the fog particles bounce instead of burst when they come in contact with surfaces, meaning nothing gets wet.


Ozone or Other Wet Fog

The larger particle size significantly reduces the ability of these methods to penetrate into porous material and places like wall cavities. It also leaves a residue on your valuable household belongings. 

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How It Works

How does the PNW Mold Control Dry Fog system actually work? Check out this video and find out.

What People Are Saying

“Exceptional customer service! Technicians were professional, personable, efficient, and this service was by far the best solution to our mold issue. After a huge house flood, we were faced with visible mold and mold spores throughout our entire home. The process done by PNW Mold Control was different than any other treatment option we had known about. This treatment saved us weeks worth of time, saved our househould items and gave us the piece of mind that our entire home would be mold-free. Highly recommend!”

-Tracy J.

“It was easy to schedule and all the employees were very professional.”

-Court C.

We worked with Klint from PNW Mold Control at our home in Bellevue for two projects. He was responsive, took time to explain everything and went above and beyond to help us resolve our issues. I highly recommend him if you are located in the greater Seattle area.

-Kristen A.

Oh my goodness this company blew me away! They were all so kind and hard workers. Not only did they come and fog our tiny house, which changed my life completely, but a week later when we found a suspicious looking collection of dots on our wall they were available for a call and willing to come an hour away just to fix it for us! They really took my need for a safe place to live seriously, and it brought me to tears. Happy ones, of course! Thank you so much!!

-Elizabeth C.