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What Types of Properties Do We Treat?

Mold is indiscriminate as to where and what types of facilities it affects. Our process was developed so that it can be applied anywhere and everywhere mold appears without requiring demolition, toxic chemicals, significant cost or downtime.

Multi-Family Homes

Duplex, triplex, entire complexes, literally any size multi-family unit are all fully handled with our process. 

Single-Family Homes

Single-family homes, small and large, in any configuration, have 100% success with our process. 


Small, medium, or large hotel facilities. We treat everything from entire establishments to just a single room at a time. 


We work with HOAs, individual condo owners and property management companies to handle individual units and all common areas. 

Government & Military Facilities

Our patented process has been thoroughly tested and approved by the Army Corps of Engineers for use in government and military facilities. 


We treat office spaces of any size and configuration, either all at once or in stages as required.