Water Restoration

Did you know that mold growth can occur on damp surfaces in as little as 24-48 hours? If you have a water emergency we are certified and ready to take care of all your water mitigation needs in addition to performing our Dry Fog treatment to ensure no mold growth from the water event will survive. Taking the IICRC’s S500 as our guide, we will remove the water and complete a thorough dry out of all materials before treating the home with our Dry Fog system. We will work with your insurance adjuster and make sure you are taken care of through the whole process.

Traditional restoration companies can get your home dry and remove all the visible mold but none will guarantee your home will be completely mold spore free afterward. Adding our revolutionary Dry Fog system to the water restoration project will give you peace of mind knowing that all mold spores leftover from the restoration will be treated. Don’t leave your health to chance after a water event. Give us a call!